Advitya Foundation

The founders and team at EKTA world believe in giving back to the society. Over the years in their own way they have associated with leading organisations that help them fulfill their passion to work towards the betterment of the society. One such organisation is the Advitya foundation -- an organisation that seeks to provide vocational training to differently-abled individuals with a view to keep them occupied through creative work. The organisation works with students above the age of 18 years, who are unable to continue in other special schools due to their need for individual attention, age or behavioral problems. Here, the students are taught to add value to a range of gift products from office stationery, upholstery, bags, utility and lifestyle items to season specials like rakhis and diyas. It is rather amazing to see how these students can concentrate for hours on end to complete each piece. The final product is indeed of impeccable and of unmatched quality. In addition to work, the students also participate in dancing, singing and yoga sessions. Ekta has renderend its support to such recreational activities as well. For instance, the collaboration on the fundraiser event “Pancham da Musical Nite” received a phenomenal response to the event.