Lions club international

Ekta group is aware that there are many rural pockets in the country that doesn’t have access to the basic necessities in life. Thus, through a longstanding association of 15 years, Ashok Mohanani has worked closely with Lions Club International to help divert the juggernaut of modernity on to the pathways of rural India. He has adopted 6 villages and personally ensured the provision of basic necessities in these villages. The group is sure that in the coming years it will be able to invest in more heartwarming developments in these villages. The team at EKTA World believes the true development of a country is indicated by the quality of living in its innermost reaches.

The international axxociation of Lions Club inaugurates sanitates facilities

As part of our sustained efforts under the corporate social service division we are delighted to add yet another feather in our Cap. The inauguration of sanitation facility at Vrajeshwari New English School, in Palghar District in January for the students, is a landmark moment for all of us. Every new Initiative under taken has the welfare of the children and our Hon’ble Prime minister vision of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This is the first of the schools to have been provided these facilities and we have identified 100 schools for same purposes. Our target is to complete 50 schools within this calendar year.